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What Your Vet Won't Tell You About Heartworm [And How It's Hurting Your Dog]

Grab our free Heartworm Prevention Guide and protect your
dog from heartworm without harmful medications.

YES, you can prevent heartworm without meds! Use this simple test to protect your dog from heartworm without harmful meds. You'll be able to ...

  • Know the exact test to ask your vet for to prevent heartworm without harmful drugs
  • Confidently talk to your vet about how this new test can provide a safer heartworm prevention plan for your dog
  • Know exactly how often you need to test based on your climate and where you live
  • Feel good knowing your dog's heartworm preventatives won't fail and cause him to get heartworm 

Dana Scott -  Founder And Editor-In-Cheif, Dogs Naturally

"When we received this guide from Dr Peter Dobias, we knew we had to share it with dog owners around the world. This is a revolutionary and critical step in reducing the toxins going into your dog. Download it, it works!"

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