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Know If Your Dog Is Being Vaccinated Too Often With This Simple Guide

Compare your dog's vaccine schedule to what current research recommends and find out if your dog's being over vaccinated.

Never waste your money on unnecessary vaccines again and reduce the risk of unwanted vaccine side effects while protecting your dog from preventable diseases.

Grab this free download and compare your dog's vaccine schedule to what current research considers safe and protective. 

Chances are, you'll find out that your dog is getting unnecessary vaccines.

Literally, for free you can ...

  • Know what vaccinations your dog needs and how often
  • Compare how many vaccinations your dog receives against the recommended guidelines
  • Know why vaccines like Lyme and Lepto are not core vaccines 
  • Know how to use tests to accurately determine if your dog ever needs another vaccine

Dana Scott -  Founder And Editor-In-Cheif, Dogs Naturally

“Get this free guide today and never worry about over vaccinating your dog again" 

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