Does Your Dog REALLY Have Allergies?


The Allergy Imitator

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Does any of this sound familiar? ...

  • ... Itching  
  • ​... Discharge From The Eyes Or Nose
  • ... Reddened Or Blackened Skin  
  • ... Ear Infections Or Itchy Eyes
  • ... Hot Spots  
  • ... Licking Or Chewing  
  • ... Digestive Issues
  • ... Scooting Or Licking The Anal Glands

It Might Not Be Allergies 

We'll help you seek out sneaky allergy imitators and save you another trip to the vet (and save you $$$ on pricey meds that just don't help).

Grab this simple step by step report and know ...

  • check
    How to tell allergies from alle​​​​​rgy imitators
  • check
    The top 4 allergy imitators and how to treat them
  • check
    How to change you dog's diet to change his skin
  • check
    How drugs and dewormers can cause allergy symptoms
  • check
    The cause of allergy symptoms
  • check
    The easy steps you can take to restore your dog's health
Dana Scott

"We're flooded with messages and emails everyday at DNM from pet owners concerned about their pet's obsessive biting, scratching and gooey ears. And I get it,  I’ve been there before and we always think it’s allergies behind the mask, driving our dog’s crazy. But there are many other allergy imitators out there and that's why I'm excited to share this report with you. This will really help you narrow down your dog’s specific symptoms to KNOW what’s wrong with him, and how you can treat him safely!"

- Dana Scott, Founder & Editor-In-Chief  of Dogs Naturally Magazine