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“ Just renewed tonight for the digital magazine. Love it ... thanks for the great service, great information and colorful, interesting magazine. ”


“ Thanks for the realness! I renewed my subscription and am happy to report I have kept all passed issues and glad I did. I have a 4.5 year old poodle who chews her paws terribly. After reading about Leaky Gut and the simple protocol in a past issue - Mercedes has been chew free, more energized and happy. Thanks for the help ”


“ Hi Dana, I love the magazine and have to say I LOVED your editorial. When is the health of our companion animals going to be a priority opposed to the all mighty profit? Shame on them. Keep fighting the good fight. I appreciate it. ”

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Dana Scott is the founder of Dogs Naturally Magazine and she's made it her personal mission to make the world a better place for dogs. Thats why she works with the top holistic vets and experts from around the world to bring you the best proven plans and veterinary advice.