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In just 5 Minutes you'll know if your dog is being vaccinated too often.

Protect Your Dog From Vaccine Damage 

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  • Do you receive the yearly postcards from your vet saying it's time for your dog's shots?
  • Do you wonder if your dog is being vaccinated more often than he should be? 
  • Does your dog suffer from skin issues, joint issues, behavior issues, cancer or other chronic disease?
  • Do you wish there was a way to know if your dog really needs his next vaccine?

​Our Free Vaccine Guide will give you the science behind vaccination and your dog's immune system - and we'll show you that most vets are ignoring that science and vaccinating too often.​

In just 5 Minutes you'll know if your dog is getting too many vaccines and what test you can use to tell if he really needs any more.

Protecting your dog is important to his health!

But you need to protect him not just from disease, but from vaccine damage.

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