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Access to the private, members-only community

Members-only Intensives (video calls)

Free shipping in the DNM Market

Special members-only deals

Access to all members-only courses and guides

Access to the Dogs Naturally Magazine Digital Archives

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The DNM Facebook Group is your "on-call" community filled with moderators who have been with Dogs Naturally for over 10 years. This private group is your safe-place to ask for help, give help and get the latest research and updates from the experts. 


“Why do I love DNM Academy (now DNM Elite)? Starting a raw diet for my kids and the support of the DNM Academy has helped me on what I thought was a daunting journey. DNM Academy just knows how to support my questions. Where and how would someone have access to the knowledgeable vets and animal nutritionists without ever leaving the farm if it wasn't for DNM Academy? I have knowledge and the proof is in the pudding ... my dogs are healthy and gorgeous.”

Laurie Kambeitz

(British Columbia, Canada)

DNM Elite is the most valuable and convenient place to find actionable health advice when you need it.
(Anytime, day or night)

Find Help

It's super easy to get down to the root of your dog's worst health complications and nip them in the bud. We not only give you herb and remedy suggestions, we'll show you step-by-step plans you can start using on your dog today to help him get and stay healthy. 

Watch Vets Live

Join our live video calls with world-leading vets and experts. Each "Intensive" will focus on a particular topic and lines are open for questions from you! 

Help Yourself, Help Others

Introduce yourself, ask questions and share stories with hundreds of other dedicated dog owners like you. By joining the DNM Elite Facebook Group you have private, members-only support 24/7 ... online, anytime! (Some of these Elite Members have been with us for years and can really help you out with sticky situations!)

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As an Elite Member, you're entitled to extra savings. Not only do you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the Dogs Naturally Market, but you'll be notified FIRST when we launch new products (and that often means a good deal for you!).

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Find the answers you're looking for 24/7 in our course library and remedy directory. Talk to our world-leading vets in live "Intensives" and chat with other members in our private group. Just by reading this now you're already taking a giant leap forward for your dog's health. Be a part of a growing community of like-minded dog owners just like you.

Who Should Join DNM Elite?

This Premium Membership isn't for everyone, but it's for you if you're a ...

Dog Owner

If you live with a dog and you want to give him a life that's free of harmful drugs, vaccines, chemicals and processed foods, DNM Elite will give you access to vets, experts and guides and give you the tools and confidence you need to start dealing with common health issues at home with proven, safe, natural remedies.


If you have a blog or provide other educational materials (maybe a breed club and rescue newsletter), you have the opportunity to help your followers make their dogs healthy again. You'll find the resources you need to help make your content veterinary-approved and much more valuable than those other websites.

You Work With Dogs

If you work in the pet industry, your DNM Elite membership will give you the cutting-edge knowledge to help your customers and their dogs. And any time you're stumped, you can bring your client's case to our live video chats or private community and we'll help you get them back on the right path to health and wellness.

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Every product in the Dogs Naturally Market has been hand-picked and formulated with quality, natural products you can trust. We don't sell anything we wouldn't give our own dogs! Take advantage of free shipping and get notified FIRST when a new product hits the shelves.


Medicinal Mushrooms

Flea & Tick Control

Immune Support

Allergies & Yeasty Ears

Joint Support & Pain Relief

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