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Attend live, weekly members-only webinars and ask-me-anything live video calls. DNM Academy brings the very best in the business to help you keep your dog healthy naturally. If your dog suffers from allergies, cancer, joint pain or virtually any other health issue, there's a natural way to help and our experts will get your dog on the healgin path. 



We share a lot of free content on the DNM website ... but we save the best, in-depth remedies and strategies with our DNM Academy Members. You'll get instant access to our library of veterinary references, from dealing with cancer to ridding your dog of parasites naturally, you'll feel confident treating many common issues at home with this extensive resource at your fingertips. 



At the center of DNM Academy is a thriving community of friendly folks who are all crazy about dogs. This is your place to ask questions and get answers from experts and more experienced members. But be warned ... DNM Academy is all about sharing so if you've been around the block, we expect you to help out our newer members as well! Our private community is the perfect place to share your successes with the people who "get" you!



Your DNM Academy Membership entitles you to exclusive deals and discounts on products and events. You'll also get first access to limited offers. The benefit of this one feature alone should pay for your membership!


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As  DNM Academy Member, you'll get INSTANT access to the entire library of Step-By-Step Guides that will will help you treat common issues at home with veterinary-approved remedies. Here are some examples of what you'll get ...

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About DNM Academy

DNM Academy is my dream! Twenty years ago, I wanted my dogs to be as healthy and happy as possible. I knew cancer killed more than a third of dogs and most dogs live their lives dealing with chronic illness such as allergies, joint pain, liver and kidney disease, diabetes and more. I knew there was a better way to build health than vaccines, drugs and processed foods ... but there was nobody to help me

Making the change from conventional veterinary care to holistic care was a long and scary battle and I vowed that some day, there would be a friendly community of holistic vets and dog owners who could empower each other and make sure every dog is given the best chance at a healthy, disease-free life.  DNM Academy is that community ... it's our chance to access the very best holistic advice without having to live close to a good holistic vet (and without the expense).

I'd like to personally invite you to try DNM Academy for 30 days.

Dana Scott

Dana Scott

Meet Your New Best Friends ...

DNM Academy isn't just access to holistic experts, live videos and health guides ... it's an engaged and friendly community of dog lovers, ranging from pet owners to industry experts. But it doesn't matter what your experience level is, all DNM Academy members are ready and able to share knowledge, experience, a few belly laughs ... and of course maybe a picture or two of our dogs. This is a warm, inviting family and a place you can finally call home! 



“As a member of the DNM Academy, I have a wealth of top-notch information that I can access, like the courses and Drs Rounds. The lessons presented by holistic experts have given me the confidence to make bolder decisions concerning the natural feeding and care of my dog. When one of us is faced with a problem, I have noticed that Dana, along with other long time members take the time to share your experiences and knowledge in such a caring, encouraging way. Thank you for that.”

Cheryl Infantino (Ontario, Canada)



“Why do I love DNM Academy? Starting a raw diet for my kids and the support of the DNM Academy has helped me on what I thought was a daunting journey. DNM Academy just knows how to support my questions. Where and how would someone have access to the knowledgeable vets and animal nutritionists without ever leaving the farm if it wasn't for DNM Academy? I have knowledge and the proof is in the pudding ... my dogs are healthy and gorgeous.”

Laurie Kambeitz (British Columbia, Canada)



“I've gotten to know some wonderful specialists through Dogs Naturally Academy. I love learning about oils, supplements, interesting facts. I would have been so informed and I love the special offers, webinars and courses that are offered.”

Emma Maher (South Africa)



“I live in a remote area in Queensland, Australia and find the Academy invaluable for assisting my three baby moms. They are survivors of nasty flea and tick preventatives and they have fought the horrendous adverse reactions for the past year.”


Your Membership Pays for Itself ...

With member-only exclusive deals and special DNM Academy deals on our Premium Events, your DNM Academy Membership will pay for itself in the first month ... guaranteed!

You'll save 20% to 40% on Dogs Naturally courses and events, DNM Market products, plus DNM Academy members are eligible for exclusive Wholesale Deals.

Your DNM Academy membership card gets you to the front of the line for special offers and events, gives you access to unadvertised, member-only deals and it gives you access to a DNM Academy concierge services.


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Private Academy Community Access

You'll receive an invitation to our Private Academy Forum as soon as you start your trial. Introduce yourself and start off by getting your burning questions answered by a few hundred of your new best friends. 


Drs Rounds Weekly Video Calls

You'll be instantly eligible to join our weekly video calls. You'll get the opportunity to learn from the best vets and experts in the business and we always leave time for you to get individual help for your own dog. 


Access Members-Only Guides 

You'll get our ENTIRE library of helpful guides. Imagine it's the middle of the night and your dog is suddenly sick with pyometra or explosive diarrhea ... just log in and follow our veterinary-approved step-by-step guides and feel confident knowing DNM Academy is always there to support you!


Deals And Members-Only Discounts 

Your trial gets you access to EVERY DNM Academy member-only discount and special deals. You can save on certification courses, great new DNM Market products for your dog, live events and we even have Wholesale Deals every now and again. Your savings will truly make your DNM Academy membership better than free!

Who Should Join DNM Academy? 

This Premium Membership isn't for everyone, but it's for you if your a ...

Dog Owner

If you live with a dog and you want to give him a life that's free of harmful drugs, vaccines, chemicals and processed foods, DNM Academy will give you access to vets, experts and guides and give you the tools and confidence you need to start dealing with common health issues at home with proven, safe natural remedies.


If you have a blog or other educational materials (maybe a breed club and rescue newsletter), you have the opportunity to help your followers make their dogs healthy again. You'll find the resources you need to help make your content veterinary-approved and much more valuable than those other websites. 

You Work With Dogs

If you work in the pet industry, your DNM Academy membership will give you the cutting-edge knowledge to help your customers and their dogs. And any time you're stumped, you can bring your client's case to our live video chats or private community and we'll help you get them back on the right path to health and wellness.


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