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What is the Guide To Managing Canine Cancer?


A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming ... but it doesn't have to be! This guide will take you by the hand and help you manage your dog's cancer with proven safe and natural remedies. 


Every dog has cancer cells. You'll discover how the lifestyle choices you make for your dog directly impact his chances of getting cancer ... and his odds of beating it. 


Conventional cancer treatments attempt to kill cancer before they kill your dog. We'll show you a gentler way to stop cancer growth without harming your dog.  


Different types of cancer require different treatment plans. We'll talk about the most common types of cancer and show you the exact steps for managing each one.  

Managing Canine Cancer

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Julie Anne Lee DHC RCSHom

Julie Anne Lee earned her DCH in 1997 and RcsHom in 2002. She was a pioneer in opening and owning the first licensed strictly holistic veterinary clinic in Canada, the Adored Beast Veterinary Clinic. Julie Anne regularly teaches and lectures to veterinarians. Her life’s purpose is to educate the public at large, empowering them to make the best choices for ethical treatment and a naturally holistic approach to their animals’ health. She has now has her own animal health care line, the Adored Beast Apothecary.  


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"Thank you fellow DNM Academy members! A while back I wrote expressing my frustration with my little dog Tori's continuing skin problems and asking for help to find a good homeopath. Several of you gave me suggestions. I had an hour long phone consult with Dr. Minter last Friday who was so patient and helpful. Less than 2 days later and I am already seeing a calming of her red skin and less chewing. My spirits are lifted and I can see a better future for this precious little dog. We are not there yet, but this is the first real improvement since I adopted her last November."

Sandra Todd 


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